Thursday, 2 April 2009

Well, hurrah and huzzah!

That's the scarf finished, and just in time too. It went like a rocket once I got going. Apologies for photographing it on the kitchen floor - it was the only place where the light was good enough.
The question now is - what next?

Some possibilities:

1 - A toilet roll doll for my friend's five-year-old daughter. Free rein to be as silly as I like! And come to think it's her birthday soon, so it could be the silliest birthday present she gets this year.

2 - Something for me. I think I'm ready for an actual garment now. Generally I like small projects as I get bored easily, but I need and want a really nice warm cardigan. It might even be done by next winter if I start now.

3 - Yeah, I should really finish those unfinished objects shouldn't I?

4 - Seeing as my Fair Isle Beanie came out a bit small and Miss Mouse acquired it I'd really like to do another for me. No hurry for that though as winter seems to be abandoning ship now (oh noes! Did I say that?? A big temptation for fate there..)