Sunday, 21 February 2010

And brighter brightness

Just sharing a bit of spring sunshine (inside, on my kitchen windowsill, excuse the mucky window!). It's made me want to make Something Really Yellow.

I've decided that tomorrow, with the kids out of the house, I'm going to sort out my various projects and make a concerted effort to actually finish some of them. And then I can make Something Really Yellow.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


This vision in pink and red is a jumper I bought in a charity shop and plan to felt and turn into either a cushion cover or a bag. Or a hot-water bottle cover. I'm not in the least a 'pink' person, but I do appreciate the zinginess of pink with bright red - my daughter has a stripy dress in those colours and they're so gorgeously bright and happy.

Oh, and thanks to my brother I've managed to get some photos off my card, hence the pictorial nature of this post. Yay!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Blogging without pictures

My card reader is playing up. Or possibly its the card itself. Either way, I can't get hold of my pictures so I can't update my 354 blog and I can't really do this blog because I neeeeeed my pics to take some attention away from my writing!

Once upon a time I liked writing but I seem to have lost both the knack and the confidence. Never mind.

Here's what I've been doing:
1. knitting a Dwarven Battle Bonnet for my beloved. I've completed the helmet itself and have started work on the hair and beard. See? You really do need a picture to go along with that. I'm using New Lanark yarn (the grey kindly given to me by Ms AddedSparkle - oh that's good, you can see her Dwarven Battle Bonnets on her blog) - oh, I love it! Fantastically textured wool!

2. I have been helping the Boy make a Chinese dragon (they've been learning about Chinese New Year at school).

3. Can't remember.

A vital role my photographs play is in helping me remember what the hell I've been doing! Oh hang on, I've been continuing my foray into the world of crochet (cats permitting) and it's beginning to work. So now I'm full of ideas and colours I want to try. Which is nice.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


It's not a great photo but last night the crochet thing clicked and I started getting something actually resembling crochet! I was so excited I tweeted it. My beloved thinks I've lost the plot. But, hey - a sense of achievement!

I do like my Ikea cushions - everything looks cheerful photographed on them :-D.

Monday, 1 February 2010


A rare find - carbon-dating suggests that the book I found in a charity shop today may date from as recently as 2006! Previous finds in the charity-shop sub-strata typically date from no later than 1987.

As ever, I'm not sure I'd use any of the patterns, but I couldn't leave it on the shelf could I? Actually there's some quite nice stuff in it, though I'd use the patterns for inspiration rather than to strictly follow it. I rarely drink tea, but I want to make the tea-cosy. Maybe I could make a cafetiere cosy. Though I'd have to buy a cafetiere. Mug-cosy?