Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Can I manage another post before the end of September?

I think I can! Just. If nobody interrupts me.. *glares at family*


Time passes. Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold.

Much later..

*grinds teeth*

So, to summarise..

1) 'The weeks are fairly flying in!' To be said every Wednesday, Thursday and twice on Friday.
2)  Pic above is borage flowering at last. I'd always heard that it's a bit of a thug in the garden so was surprised that none had come up this year, but it just appeared really suddenly and unexpectedly. Love that picture because of all the teeny tiny dewdrops on it. Took it this morning I think (it's all a blur..) which started out very foggy and damp but quickly turned glorious!
3) Totally immersed myself in Shakespeare last week (for my OU course, not just for a laugh) and found myself saying things like 'Why are you thus out of measure sad?' to the cat. Now reading the introduction to the required edition of As You Like It and getting bogged down in literary theory. Head hurts.
Also immersed myself in the swimming-pool last night, swam for 45 minutes and contemplated Polonius.
4) Aaaargh, everythung needs to Slow Down!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A post without a picture

I made scrambled egg for my dinner today. I hadn't made scrambled egg for years, and in any case it had never turned out well when I did. So why today? Well, mainly because I have this addiction to 1920s/30s-set crime novels, whether written then or set then, and it seems that your 1920s/30s murderers, victims, jewel thieves and amateur detectives all like to tuck into scrambled egg for breakfast (never cooked by themselves naturally).

It has to be admitted that I am very suggestible when it comes to food in books - I discovered my favourite recipe (lemon and oregano chicken traybake - can't remember how to link from my tablet) when I was reading an Ann Cleeves book in which a character was cooking a mediterranean lemon chicken dish, the very thought of which made me peckish, which led me to Google recipes.

So tonight, scrambled egg. Partly I wanted to make it because it had never been a success before, and I don't know what I did right tonight but it was perfect.  Don't listen to people who say it needs to be made with full-fat milk or (bleurgh) cream - I used skimmed milk because that's the milk we use, and it worked perfectly well. I think the trick is to stir the egg constantly. Damn, now I'm hungry again!