Friday, 29 January 2010

Vintage crochet

Early 1970s that is - this shawl/blanket was made by MrBorg's Gran when he was born.
By the time I knew her she couldn't knit or crochet any more due to stiff joints but in her time she made lovely stuff.
And this is vintage 2003! This blanket was a present from my aunt when my son was born, but the cats have appropriated it now.
And as for me, I'm still trying to get my head round crochet. I think my hook is possibly too big and/or my tension too tight - I'll keep practising and try with a finer yarn to see if that helps.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I'm still trying to learn to crochet (my New Year's Resolution - bit different, eh?) - I'm getting some results but I'm not sure what I'm doing! Ah well, practice makes, erm, more odd bits of twisted yarn...

I want to make something from Granny Squares eventually - like others before me I've been inspired by the Attic24 Summer Garden granny square which is just what crochet should be. I'd always been a bit half-hearted about learning to crochet because so many crocheted items just didn't appeal to me for some reason. But now I've discovered that some do, yay!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A-roving we will go

I got this luscious red roving from Purplejen at the knitting group last night - I've so many ideas for things to do with it. But wait, what's that sneaking in at the left there - a paw you say?

Yeah, I'd had it out of the bag for, ooh, 3 seconds before Toby spotted it! Clearly whatever I decide to do with it will require Toby to be locked in the kitchen. He's already got a thing for running off with my ball of wool triumphantly in his jaws like a trophy mouse, I'd hate to think what he'd do to a big ball of roving!

I went on a tour of the EK charity shops today and got a box of teeny buttons. Quite why buttons appeal to me so much I don't know, but they do. In any case they'll make good eyes when I make some more of Ysolda's Hoot!

Thursday, 14 January 2010


On a mad whim I bought Country Living magazine the other day - I've never bought it before because I live in a town now* so it seemed a bit silly! However it was an interesting read, and then I turned the page and saw somebody I knew. Lise Bech is a basketmaker who has done various basketry things at Kittochside - the willow harvest, demonstrations and best of all willow craft workshops. I did one of her one-day workshops at Kittochside a few years ago and had a great time. I think two willow platters is a good day's work, don't you?

*I'm supposedly a hick and a teuchter.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Baked goodness

The Boy and I spent a bit of time baking this afternoon - we'd been meaning to since Christmas Eve but with one thing and another hadn't got round to it. These are the 'cookies' that are really just shortbread (with cocoa powder in this case) decorated with smarties and those edible silver thingies. I know they have a name. There's nothing like baking with your offspring to make you feel like a super-mum (but only one child at a time - trying to do this with both of them leads to Squabbles and a Messy Kitchen. And Mama hitting the whisky).

On the Needles - among other things, a Dwarven Battle Bonnet for Mr Borg. I've attempted a line of 'rivets' but I'm not sure they'll be that obvious. It's a pleasant knit now that I've finally got going. Why can I never join in the round (on circs or dpns) without twisting though? It always takes me at least two tries, usually more. One of the great mysteries of life. My ability to do this is proportional to the level of irritation I feel on seeing the words 'taking care not to twist' in the pattern - state the bloody obvious why don't you?* It's probably karma.

The cats are enjoying my knitting as ever.

* I know - almost all patterns for things knit in the round say this, and I can see why, but it still bugs me :-D.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

What next?

I went to the John Lewis sale and I bought some...

I picked this yarn up intending to make something for the children's imminent new cousin (not very imminent, she's due in April), but then I remembered that the pattern I was thinking of called for Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran not the cashmerino chunky I'd picked up. But by this time I'd fallen for its colours and squishy half-price goodness. So I shall probably make something for me me me, and I've almost decided on a hat, especially given that my Ravelry friend Kitkatkate has just made a very cute hat from cashmerino chunky bought in the John Lewis sale. Really all the faffing around choosing the pattern and so on is as much fun as the knitting. And as the weather forecast for the next fortnight continues baltic, a hat would be a good idea. Shall I cast on?