Friday, 10 July 2015

light levels

I've been playing around with my camera some more thanks to a quick how-my-camera-works masterclass (or idiot's guide) from my brother. The fun thing about photography is that when you accidentally completely mess up the settings you can still get kind of pretty results, such as the over-exposed bee above, and the underexposed flower below (you'll see it better if you click on it, the white background on this page doesn't help).

Don't you think the bottom one looks like a book-cover? Some kind of gloomy literary fiction I think.

While tidying up yesterday I found the book I bought when I first got my camera - an Idiot's Guide or a For Dummy's one, can't remember, for my particular model of camera. So I've been flicking through it, reading bits that seem relevant. I should probably read it properly, cover to cover, though that I don't find that kind of book very easy to read to be honest, so probably dipping in and out and playing with the camera is my best bet.  Miss M is often a fairly willing model when she's in the right mood, as is Cat2, so I can play with different settings on more or less the same pose and see what works.

In other exciting news, I got my Open University course results yesterday and got a Distinction, which I'm really pleased about. I knew my assignments had been Distinction level, but the final big assignment which counted for half the course was not hugely enjoyable and I honestly didn't know how I'd done on it. Turns out I'm a really poor judge of my own abilities when it comes to assignments!