Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Yikes, a whole month since I last posted!

Oh dear. Well, December happened at its usual insane velocity. And then on Christmas Eve I came down with the worst cold I ever recall having.  I had a fever for four days, so I was quite spaced out to say the least and it's all a bit hazy now. I think I had fun some of the time though. We watched the Slow TV sleigh ride thing on Christmas Eve and I do remember enjoying that, because it made no demands of me whatsoever and there was no music.

I'm still not completely right but I'm drinking a hot toddy and that's helping a bit. My Beloved came down with something similar, though not as extreme, on Saturday night, followed by Miss M on Monday, so we've been a right bunch of wrecks apart from The Boy. Touch wood. Luckily there was nothing that we were going to do that couldn't be cancelled so there has been a lot of vegging out and much watching of Star Trek and Eureka.

I hope everybody else has had fun!