Thursday, 19 March 2009

This is clearly going to be one of those projects I Learn From.

Whether I want to or not.

As I half suspected the Summer Tweed didn't work out very well with the Swiss Cheese scarf - there's just not enough give in it for the cast-ons after the holes and it's prone to snapping under too much tension. Besides my cast-ons are horribly untidy. So I frogged it and decided to play around with the yarn and see if inspiration struck. I cast on 'some' (didn't count), stocking-stitched a few rows then tried the 'yarn round needle every stitch, drop off the excess non-stitches on the next row' approach. But the yarn isn't 'tidy' enough for that effect to work very well so I was secretly relieved when my two-year-old grabbed the needles and frogged it for me. If she hadn't I'd have felt obliged to stick with it for a few more rows to see if it grew on me!

So attempt three. I had a quick look through Rav to see what other people were making with this yarn and came across a project using Beth Collins' wiggly-waggly Rainy Day Scarf, so I thought I'd give it a try. This is going much better, I'm glad to say. It's the kind of simple but interesting, arithmetically satisfying pattern that suits me. As long as I don't knit when I'm sleepy and miscount the ribbing! On that note therefore, good night..

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