Thursday, 9 February 2012


It's been an unfocussed and somewhat random week. I haven't really felt able to blog about anything in particular. So I'm following the example of a friend from a forum who occasionally does a Random Thoughts post about the weird things that have been crossing her mind.

- Here's a slightly odd (and not very good, though if you click on it you should get a closer look) photograph from the other day.

We were in bright sunshine while not very far further down was thick fog. It looked for all the world like an inland sea with islands sticking up here and there. In fact the islands are hills and mountains to the north-west, and between us and them is Glasgow. It was a bit like that bit in Ponyo when the sea rises.

- Yellow tulips bringing sunshine to the kitchen:

I like photographing flowers on the windowsill but it does make me notice how many splashes there on the window. Oh dear. I do clean it now and then but it's quite awkward reaching across the sink and it never remains splash-free for long.

- Tomorrow I'm going on a school trip with the Boy's class again - should be interesting! It's to do with their Ancient Egypt topic. I've never been particularly interested in the ancient Egyptians for some reason so don't know a huge amount about them, so I expect I'll learn something too.

- You know, I'm too tired even to remember what my random thoughts have been. What a non-post! But never mind - I find with blogging that the longer it is between posts, the harder it is to write anything, so better to babble inanely (from my point of view) than write nothing at all. For the reader of course it might be an entirely different matter!


Mrs. Micawber said...

I thought it was a bay until you explained the fog!

The tulips are lovely and I would not have noticed the water splashes had you not mentioned them.... If it makes you feel any better my windows are dreadfully splotchy.

Sometimes the inane posts are the best ones.

Peeriemoot said...

Lol, I'm reassured that inane is ok then :-).

The fog was really bizarre - I wish I'd had my good camera with me, the little one (my husband's) didn't do justice to the view at all. It's sticking in my mind though, perhaps it could inspire something!