Tuesday, 15 May 2012

*cough splutter*

It's been a busy week. Last Tuesday I got my new car and simultaneously came down with a Stinking Cold so I've spent a lot of the last week in bed coughing, and haven't really had a chance to bond with the car yet. It's showing no signs of personality yet, but it's early days.

I've got to show this off:

On the election day the kids had the day off school so we went to the local ceramic-painting place for the first time in ages. Miss Mouse did her usual instant-gratification thing and painted an object with acrylic paints so she could get glitter on it and take it straight home, but the Boy and I opted for painting with underglaze for the gorgeous finish. This means waiting 'til it's been fired of course but we went to collect our efforts on Friday and it was worth the wait. I should have taken a picture of the Boy's effort actually, it's gorgeous -might do that tomorrow. But the above is my effort, as a slightly belated birthday present for my Beloved, who is a bit of a Trekkie. It turned out beautifully considering I don't have the steadiest of hands. A shame about the red spot- the underglaze is a lot paler than the final fired colour or I'd have spotted (*groan*) the spot. My Beloved seemed pleased anyway.

Also in the creativity zone, I finished the gloomy sock that was depressing me in the winter. It looks okay in bright sunshine! Now I need to cast on the other one. Casting-on in the round is one of my least favourite things so best left 'til I feel better and have my wits about me.

For now my knitting of choice is a squidgy garter-stitch hot-water bottle cover for Miss Mouse:

The nice thing about chunky wool is that the knitting grows so fast. I've nearly finished the other side now. Sewing it up will probably take the most time..

Meanwhile out in the mini-greenhouse, things are a-sprouting!

And the garden is beginning to wake up a bit.

We have plans for the 'front garden' too.  It's actually mostly monobloc and slab-paving but there is a squiggly long bed down one side which we have been ignoring for too long.  It's quite exposed out there, the wind howls down the road in winter (and yesterday and the day before actually), so I'm trying to find fairly low and robust plants.

Actually, a good thing about not working at the moment is that for the first time in years I actually get half a chance to recover from colds, though oddly I'm getting worse colds than usual.  Once the kids have gone to school I can go back to bed, or I can sit on the settee with a coffee, a hot-water-bottle and my knitting and watch Gardeners' World on catch-up.  I'm not really a Monty Don fan* but there's something very soothing about gardening programmes when you're feeling a bit rough. Especially when the presenters are out in the cold and wet *evil grin*.

* I don't dislike him, I'm just not one of his loyal starry-eyed female fans :-D.

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Mrs. Micawber said...

Nice work on the ceramic!

I don't knit much, but I too hate casting on in the round. Instead I knit the first row flat then divide it between needles and just start knitting in the round from there. (I use the yarn tail to sew the top round closed when done.)