Sunday, 5 August 2012

a pocket full of sea glass

When you come home with pockets full of sea-glass you know you've had a good day.

 I have plans for that blue bead

Sticking two fingers up to the weather forecast, we went to Largs today. As is often the case the weather was better away from where we live, the town that has its own personal cloud and could easily be dubbed the Forks of Scotland (could be riddled with sparkly vampires and We'd Never Know..), and when we got to the coast it was lovely - warm and though overcast to begin with it brightened up nicely..

We took a wander and found a really great play-park we hadn't known was there. I was so impressed with this rope climbing-frame. I didn't get a good picture of the whole thing but there's a second 'peak' to the right of the one in this picture, connected a by a sort of rope tunnel/bridge. Somebody really put a bit of thought into this - it looks like my knitting would if a really mathematically-inclined kitten got hold of it. 

And the nice thing is that there's plenty of climbing and scrambling round to be done quite low down - neither of my kids like climbing particularly high. A lot of climbing-frames only really give the chance to climb up, but this one allows for lots of climbing round as well, which they loved.

Lunch was fish & chips for the second time in a fortnight which sounds bad, but then again it's probably only the third time this year, which isn't so bad. Ice-cream and sorbet were likewise consumed again -  Nardini's is a very well-known ice-cream shop, and it would be rude not to, surely? My Beloved tried the Irn Bru sorbet and I had raspberry sorbet again - predictable eh? 


 I don't know why that picture won't centre. I cut and pasted from further down and now it has a will of its own.

 We did a fair amount of ferry-watching - there are two ferries whizzing back and forth to Great Cumbrae all the time. I love watching boats, especially ones that do stuff, 'working' boats I mean.

And pebbly beaches mean treasure-hunting! Shells, pebbles, sea-glass, bits of dead crabs..

My Not-So-Beloved chucked a crab claw down my cleavage - that's the last time I'm wearing a low(ish) cut top to the beach.

To the south dark clouds loomed but it didn't rain until 5 minutes after we were up the hill and out of town - perfect timing as Miss Mouse hadn't wanted to leave and was having a bit of a meltdown about it.
 If you click on this picture to see the bigger version you'll see the sun sparkling on the sea despite the clouds.

When I hear 'Largs' I immediately think 'Battle of Largs, 1263' - it's just one of those battle dates stuck in my head, from our re-enactment days. Historically it's not an especially important battle, though one of the later battles involving Vikings (possibly the last one on mainland Scotland? I'm a little hazy on this and being originally an islander, slightly disinclined to be impressed by it), but the Largs Viking Festival is held every year (in September) with a battle re-enactment and Living History encampment and what have you.  Maybe we'll go this year - it's years since we last went.


Mrs. Micawber said...

When I see sea-glass I think jewellery. We never seemed to have any on the beaches of SoCal near where I grew up (sea-glass I mean).

Not-so-Beloved had better watch his step!

That's a wonderfully geometric climbing-thingy.

Peeriemoot said...

Hmm, that's an interesting thought. I suppose convoluted coastlines and archipelagos are possibly better for sea-glass because it doesn't get pounded to dust before being washed up.

Having said that I know a girl in Shetland who makes sea-glass jewellery and there's nothing but a whole lot of Atlantic between her beach and Canada!

Vonnie said...

I laughed at the claw in cleavage part. Sorry.