Saturday, 1 September 2012


I've been meaning to do a bit of blogging since the schools went back (middle of August) but somehow I've had nothing coherent to say. Also I've been So Tired - I think the summer took it out of me.

But now it's September, we're back into our routine and I've cast on something red for a Rainbow knitalong.  It's on the Yarn Yard group on Ravelry and the idea is to knit a bunch of things in Yarn Yard wool, with the rainbow as the inspiration. So September/October is RED.
Looking through my Yarn Yard stash I found one 65g skein of Clan which is going to turn into Dalkey fingerless mitts from Carol Feller's book Contemporary Irish Knits, which I got at Glasgow School of Yarn last year. I've been meaning to make these mitts since I got the book but just never got round to it what with one thing and another (and another ands another..).

Some people are doing quite big projects (after all there's two months to do it in) but I know I'm a slowish and easily distracted knitter so I'm making sure I don't bite off more than I can chew while still choosing a project I can learn from.  Better hide it now before the cats chew on it..

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Mrs. Micawber said...

That will be a fun project.

"School of Yarn" - sounds wonderful!