Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Things, Stuff, Things and Stuff

Oooh, I managed twenty-five days out of thirty for the November Blogging  - I'm quite proud of that! Towards the end of the month I just ran out of steam, especially as we had more on. Miss Mouse had her gymnastics display last week (went well),  and she's been doing an extra dance class for the last few weeks in the run up to her dance exams. Not because she's rubbish, naturally she's brilliant *rolls eyes*, but she needed to practise the cheer stuff with the bigger girls who go on a Thursday. Or something.

Anyway, I'm a glorified taxi driver at the moment. Except this morning when it was very icy and I made the kids walk to school. Actually they seemed fairly happy to, until the Boy slipped and fell on his bum. 

I was sure the car would get down our road, I just wasn't certain it'd get back up again. We've only had a very light sprinkling of snow and actually it mostly thawed again during the daylight hours yesterday but it's been very frosty at night so the snow and the slushy bits that were left were frozen solid. The road was fine a couple of hours later, just not at school run time which at the moment is pretty much just after sunrise.

The kids had their revenge - when they got out of school this afternoon they reminded me that I'd said we could go to the swimming-pool. I'd completely forgotten of course. I can't say I was enthusiastic at the thought but we went and had a very quick swim and it was lovely! We had the pool to ourselves initially and the pool was slightly warmer than usual - usually it's bit on the chilly side, especially if you're 'swimming' with children, i.e. mostly standing around in the water.  

But enough chilly stuff! Here's some bunting!  I've been meaning to make some for Miss M's room but never got round to it, and my mother-in-law saw this bunting when she was out somewhere and bought it, so there we are, the perfect cheerful thing for a little girl's bedroom:

Miss M loves it. Her room is very small and not all that warm and Miss M is not keen on going to bed at the best of times so anything that makes her happy to be in her bedroom is a good thing!

Project Rainbow: don't ask. Still on the first sock...

Plan for tomorrow: Bake Christmas cake. Should have done it weeks ago.


Mrs. Micawber said...

I don't blame you for keeping off the roads - very treacherous stuff, ice.

Our bedroom is decidedly chilly, but that makes it all the nicer to snuggle down under the covers. I don't suppose it would do any good to tell Miss M that people sleep better in cold rooms? :)

Peeriemoot said...

I've been musing about the distinction between frost and ice the last few days. It's been very dry (unusual for here), so as it's been cold it's been scenic and frosty, hoarfrost I suppose, but not actually icy and slippery. A big improvement on last week!