Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wonky donkey

Oooh, look September! (Yes, I know it was eight days ago). I love changing the page on the calendar - simple pleasures, y'see.  Especially when the pictures go all autumnal in theme and show baking stuff. I've been doing a bit of baking recently - one batch of brownies, one batch of bannocks, apple and blackberry crumble, and another batch of brownies because the kids liked the first lot so much. I broke the whisk making the first lot, which was a bit bizarre, and had to go and buy a new one. It was surprisingly difficult to find anywhere selling a whisk, and I ended up getting a Marks and Spencer one for more than I'd intended to pay, but at least it seems quite robust, so if my whisking superpower ever recurs we should be okay.

It's been intermittently sunny, and I'm insanely proud of the picture of my cosmos. If you look carefully you'll see the silhouette of a fly on the petals of the left-hand flower.

I had this brilliant idea, while watching the Boy playing Plants vs Zombies, that I should grow a line of sunflowers along one side of the garden next year. Not sure about the peashooter plant things though. Maybe a row of peas? I've never grown peas before.

Remember when I used to talk about knitting rather than 'what I did on my holidays'? (In my defence, it was a cracking summer). Well, I have been knitting and I've even finished some things:

I've been getting arty with the knitting shots today. I've finished the Boy's scarf and thought I'd have fun with photographing it seeing as the stripes make it interesting.

And then there are the two little bunnies. Okay the first one looks like a Wonky Donkey (ah, happy memories of Ant & Dec in days of yore) and the second one looks a bit strange generally, but the kids are pleased with them. They think they're funny.

 Hmm. So now I'm knitting an otter.  It probably turn out looking like a grizzly bear.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Great shot of the cosmos! Lovely sun shining through the petals without being overexposed. And a bonus insect is always good.

It's hard to find a good plain whisk these days. They all seem to have either too many - I don't know what to call them - spines? Or they have balls on the end. I like a whisk with lots of space between the wires. Hope yours lasts through many a batch of brownies.

Peeriemoot said...

Thanks :-D. We're about to make another batch of brownies - I think we may be addicted.

When I was looking for a new whisk I tried the supermarket first as it has what seems to be a good range of kitchen stuff (*seems* to be - I've noticed they never *actually* have the thing I'm looking for, though there always pointless things like melon ballers) and the only whisk they had that wasn't so enormous as to be the kind of balloon whisk that might carry you off to the land of Oz was one of the ones with a wire ball inside, which was a new thing for me. Shows how long it is since I last whisk-shopped I suppose!