Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bigfoot sighting

Do you like my new slippers? Look comfy and cosy don't they? They are. Lovely. You wouldn't believe how many shops I had to go to to get them though, and how many times I went through the Ugly Sister routine trying them on.  Apparently I have freakishly big feet! Or not :-).   I take somewhere between a 7-and-a-half and an 8, depending on shoe style and the shop. (For Americans that would be 10 to 10.5 I think). I'm very slightly above average height for a woman. I don't think my feet look out of proportion. My husband is 2.5cm taller than me and has bigger feet. He doesn't look out of proportion either. So why am I now wearing size 9 slippers, i.e. 'extra large', and they just barely fit? I mean, thank you Next for producing bigger slippers than all the other shops I tried but I'm not actually a size 9 for anything else, so why slippers? And are actually tall people with correspondingly bigger but proportionate feet just going without? Shivering? Knitting extra thick socks?

It's quite difficult to take a picture of your own foot side-on.

Rant over. This evening we watched Much Ado About Nothing, a la Whedon. I enjoyed it very much though as we're both very familiar with the Ken and Em Much Ado we were mentally comparing it scene by scene, line by line, shot by shot. Very difficult not to!

Some thoughts:

I loved that Master Gentleman Conrade was recast as a woman but I'd have loved it even better if they'd left the 'Master Gentleman Conrade' line in.
Alexis Denisof was very distracting in what is presumably his own accent - I've only really seen him as Wesley in Buffy and Angel. Now if he'd played Benedick as Wesley in his more heroic Rogue-Demon-Hunter Angel-period guise that would have been fun. I swear he slipped into it a couple of times.
Nathan Fillion saying 'Are you good men and true?' was just right for me.
Bloke from Agents of Shield (sorry, Agents of SHIELD) as Leonato was good but when you compare him with Richard Briers who sounded as if he was born to be Leonato, well, it's an unfair comparison.
I really like Joss Whedon's house.
I loved the various pratfalls and physical humour 'cos I'm shallow that way. A groundling at heart.

I'll undoubtedly watch it again.  

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