Wednesday, 19 November 2014


This evening I have been Doing Science.

Miss M got last month's Best Work award at school for her bendy bones experiment write-up, but the bone she used at school had been a bit thick and didn't get spectacularly bendy.  So as we had roast chicken for dinner a couple of weekends ago she wanted to have another go. This time we used the wishbone, and left it soaking in a jar of vinegar out in the mini-greenhouse*, then pretty much forgot about it until today. We brought it in, drained the vinegar off and then stared in horrible fascination. It was really bendy. So bendy she could tie a knot in it. Bleurgh!

Then we chucked it out. But having just read that page from the Science Centre link above I'm wondering now if we should have saved it and dried it out, still tied in a not. Oh well.

As she was all fired up by this we got out the chemistry set she got for her birthday and played around with did some experiments from that - just very basic stuff from the start of the booklet, mixing flour and water, oil and water, observing what happens, playing with the pipettes. Lovely word, pipettes!

Breaking news: I have cast off the Cable Headband of Doom. I'm very tempted to sew up the seam but this would no doubt lead to Disaster, so I'll wait for daylight. That makes it sounds as if I'll be waiting, knitting in hand, for the dawn.. Nah, I like my sleep.

* It's an experiment that gets a bit whiffy.

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