Thursday, 22 January 2015

Things Fall Apart

Our microwave packed in the other day. My Beloved poked at it a bit and declared it beyond his help (as he was waving a rolling-pin at it, this perhaps wasn't surprising - however he is usually quite good at this sort of thing so I'll believe him). So today I went out a-hunting microwave ovens.


Apparently I've bought a conventional one. The opposite of conventional is not, alas, unconventional or even bohemian, but y'know, those-ones-with-the-grill-built-in, which I was mildly tempted by but you can't grill much on them and we have a George Foreman thing, and even, technically, a grill in the real oven (though it's rubbish and smokes a lot so is not often used) so it wasn't necessary.  I quite like the idea of bohemian microwave ovens, but cheap, small and not overly complicated was what I was looking for.  Mission accomplished.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the snow is mostly white, so it was quite nice being out and about today, even in retail parks.

far from being gruntled
Far from being gruntled

The cats are not entirely keen on the snow (neither are the kids for that matter - weird), but as long as the roads are clear, which they mostly are, I quite like it. It brightens things up no end, and there's that satisfying muted crunch when you walk in it and the cold smell, and  fascinating footprints and sparkly bits. I think it will thaw tonight so I'm enjoying it while I can!


Mrs. Micawber said...

"Conventional" was the first thing to strike me when your post photo came up, and I immediately tried (and failed) to envision an unconventional microwave. I like the bohemian idea ... something purple or red, with sequins perhaps, or swathed in multi-coloured gauzy scarves. (Obviously I equate "bohemian" with "gypsy".)

Snow really does brighten things up and make the air smell so much nicer. Enjoy yours while you've got it!

Peeriemoot said...

Haha, yes, I was thinking purple and red gauzy scarves too, with trailing fringes :-D.