Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I've finished a thing!

My bit of mindless knitting - a moss-stitch cowl - is finished! Just in time for spring! That there is a very rare Ginny-selfie, and it took something like 20 tries to get something that wasn't completely awful. I didn't know my hair was that red. I did know my nose is that big. In any case it's quite tricky to take a photo of your own neckwear - at this rate I'll have to invest in a selfie stick!

'Needs more cat hair'

This was a fabulously lazy piece of knitting - I knitted it in the round using a circular needle and although it's wider than I'd originally intended, it meant I didn't have to faff around with Annoying Magic Looping, which I hate with a passion. I did lose track at one point and the moss-stitch became rib for a round and a half which took an annoyingly long time time to rip back - the wool is Álafoss Lopi which is quite grippy. Under some circumstances this is good of course but not so much when have 180 stitches to rip back.

On the whole it's been a very enjoyable knit and the end result is very warm and, given its general sheepiness, surprisingly unscratchy now that it's been washed and has softened a little. I'm not sure I'd cope this wool in a garment, or not without a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, but I'll wear the cowl for a bit and see if I can bear it. Looking through my Ravelry favourites I have favourited Aftur three times over the last couple of years, so perhaps I should actually knit it!


Mrs. Micawber said...

It looks very soft and pretty, and goes beautifully with your complexion.

I've never tried Magic Looping but it sounds like a recipe for laddered stitches to me.

My hair turns red in the sunlight too (those parts that haven't gone grey, I mean). :)

Peeriemoot said...

Ha, yes, the grey bits are slightly different :-).

The cowl's not as soft as it looks, but I might give it another wash and see if it softens any more. It's warm though which I suppose is the point really!

Annie Cholewa said...

I'm embarassed to admit that it's this long since I last visited here, but I had to say a) lovely cowl, and b) how nice to see you, reddish hair and all :o)