Wednesday, 27 January 2016

being organised, part 2

just five more minutes..

The cat fancied a duvet day - don't we all? January does that to you, but, hey, nearly done with January so that's good!

The kids are back into their routine, I'm throwing myself into studying, though in a slightly haphazard manner, and stuff like laundry is getting done. I am moderately organised though it all goes to pot when I'm in a rush, such as last night.

I'm still doing a daily to-do list/bullet journal-esque thing most days and my new diary and notebook thing is working out much better than the Filofax did. The Filofax was brilliant in principle but the rings really do take up a lot of room.

In one of my notebooks I've been making (don't laugh) notes on ideas for blog posts. So I just have to put it into action! Which I am, just now. How very meta.

In other news I have started knitting a sock. Cue the fanfares!

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Mrs. Micawber said...

You're way more organised than I am. My jottings all go onto bits of scrap paper - but I'm rather proud of the fact that just now all the bits are clipped together and sitting on my desk just behind the keyboard (thus leaving more room for yarn and scissors and swatches and camera and mail that needs filing and a card I've been meaning to buy a frame for).

Blog post ideas! If you find you have a surplus, may I borrow some? :D