Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Stealth shawl

Large, triangular and almost invisible.  Which just goes to show how lush my garden was looking yesterday afternoon!

So this is my Boneyardish shawl, which started off as a Boneyard shawl, but I completely forgot the garter ridges until way too late. I don't think it matters though. The wool is Colorimetry (dyed by my friend Purplejen) and I'm pretty sure it's 'Shetland Jumper'. Although I have a number of her hand-dyed wools I actually got this from another friend who wound it all into very neat little cakes (I really must get a ballwinder) and then decided the colours weren't really her after all. They are however very me, so that worked out well!

Miss M modelling again, because I'm rubbish at selfies. And really because she's a much better model than me.

This was a very quick summer project, an easy knit-until-the-wool-runs-out effort, which I actually finished while we were in St. Andrews so when I'm wearing it in the middle of winter I'll have some sunny, summery memories associated with it. I'll probably wear it neckerchief-style with the point at the front when I'm wearing my stupidly v-necked winter coat. Not going to think about winter now though, the sun is still shining, just!


Mrs. Micawber said...

Yes, let's NOT think about winter yet! Already we're sliding into autumn here and it's a bit depressing. I felt as though I had just begun to enjoy summer when the first goldenrod opened and the swallows started lining up on the wires preparatory to heading south.

It's a lovely shawl and those grass-green colours are beautiful.

gordyandjen said...

Its great to see you back to blogging, you've been missed. Congratulations on your degree that's a huge achievement! I love the shawl and how it blends in with your beautifully lush garden.