Wednesday, 26 May 2010

In which I gibber incoherently

Because I have blog posts in my head (and even in Tomboy note* form) but I've not managed to blog for, em, ages.

Knitting etc has continued however, and I have gone over to the Dark Side - yes, like many before me I've been tempted by socks. Hey, could be worse. It turns out that dealing with actual thumbs (more on this later) when doing the Reading Mitts made me realise that actually I'm a perfectly competent knitter and that now was the time for tackling heels. Mudpaddle had given me the most gorgeous sock yarn for Christmas and they knitted up into the most gorgeous comfortable socks. Hmmm *sigh*.

I love this time of year, suddenly there's so much colour.

In sartorial terms I loathe pink - and being the mother of a three-year-old girl I encounter pink clothes rather more often than I'd like! Yes I know I don't have to buy her pink clothes - and I don't. But little girls acquire clothes by all sorts of means.

However nature does pink really well - well done nature! That's just a mass of happiness on a tree. And having grown up lacking trees I am still deeply impressed by blossom. I'd heard of it of course but for some reason had imagined a basically green tree with a few blossomy bits - like the pictures you draw of apple trees when you're a kid but with pink blobs instead of red. So when I see a tree looking like candy-floss I can't stop myself smiling.

* oh I love Tomboy notes, it's like have post-it notes stuck all over my screen but without running the risk of the cats trying to pull them off..

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