Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I've a little teapot

But calling it short and stout seems a bit unkind when it's such a gorgeous shape!

I've been wanting a teapot for a while now - a bit odd really as I don't drink that much tea, certainly not ordinary black tea, though I like green tea and chamomile tea.  But I like teapots! And I fancy knitting a tea-cosy.  So I looked around for a small teapot, something a bit different. I looked at the Emma Bridgewater and Susie Watson websites, but although I can admire their retro, cheerful stuff (much as I admire Attic24, Curlew Country and similar blogs) it's not quite me. Really I'm more neutral.  Dull, you might say!  And then one day I dropped into the National Museum of Rural Life, my old employer, and there in the shop was The Teapot.  Why I didn't think to look there before I have no idea - when I worked there I bought any number of gorgeous things in the shop with my staff discount.

So there it is - definitely pretty, but also very muted and neutral.

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