Sunday, 11 July 2010

More potions

Docken flowers/seeds (not sure what they are actually - the red bits on the plant anyway) this time. The stewed vegetable matter looked like diluted Ribena so I had hopes of maybe getting a pinkier colour this time.

Alas, once the yarn was done it looked pretty much like wholemeal spaghetti hanging on my washing-line. The folk over the back must think I'm a bit odd..

This is the end result with my previous two attempts - from top: onion skins (mordanted with alum),  2nd try onion skins (unmordanted), docken bits (mordanted with alum).

It's hard to see but there's actually more variety of colour in this skein than in the other two - hints of green and pink pop up now and then. So I'm quite pleased with this experiment - and it does look nice with the other two colours!


dulcigal said...

How lovely it must be to experiment with dyeing like that! Your photography is wonderful - I was sad to see that your 52 Weeks blog only went to 33. :^D (Week 23 is my favorite.)

Found you through browsing "Libraries and Museums" in blogger profiles. I've made many happy blog discoveries doing that, and your blog is one of them.

Peeriemoot said...

Ooh, thank you for the lovely comment :-D. I really should get back to the 52 weekends blog - I do have pictures for most of the weekends, I just never got round to uploading them! *blush* Will try :-).

crochethealingandraymond said...

oh very cool, i love the idea of dying with natural plant pigments, great stuff! the colour is so natural and lovely!