Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Colour Fail

Well, there's blue. Ice-blue. Lots of. Or as my daughter would say 'lotsen' (as in 'lotsen lotsen toys'). I couldn't even photograph my knitting 'cos I was knitting snowman and polar bear tree decorations!

But but but there's also.. mildly comedic cat moment!

What was going though his head?

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I'm fascinated by snow-flakes and ice-crystals and today I got some cracking pictures of them. This one is of ice-crystals on my wheelie-bin - how mundane, but how beautiful :-D.


summerfete said...

Wow that snowflake is cool!

have you tried you tube for help crocheting? I found it helpful to actually watch someone doing it.

I can only say that it must be in my genes, the fact that I've got on with crochet so well.

All the women in my family either knit, crochet or sew
or all of the above!

keep at it!
Clare x

scarletti said...

How did you get that snowflake?

I think the cat is either very brave or very foolish, did the snow stay put on the line?

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you both :-). To get the ice-crystal picture I got as close in as I could (using a DSLR) and crossed my fingers! Then when I got the picture on the cmputer I zoomed in and cropped. I couldn't believe how much detail it had got - love that camera! I thnk it helped that the snow/frost was on the wheelie-bin so there was a good background contrast colour.

And the snow stayed on the washing-line until the thaw!