Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Splash of Colour: Paper chains

For the first time in years I made paper-chains. My Beloved was working from home and the school was shut so I was trying to keep the kids occupied without disturbing him. So I found a whole lot of coloured paper and we got to work. See how organised my mind is? No random pile of paper strips for me, oh no!

Some of the paper was patterned and the kids decorated some of the plain strips too to liven them up a bit.

We've already put one chain up in the Boy's room, Miss Mouse wants hers hung up in the living-room and I've made another chain for the living-room so the place will start to look quite festive.

I'm loving the results! I always liked making paper chains in primary school but we used gummed paper strips in weirdly un-festive colours (mustard, dark red, brown - yeah, it was the 70s but come on!) so these look brilliantly cheerful. Schools and nurseries are all closed again tomorrow according to the council's Twitter account* so by tomorrow night I may be surrounded by paper chains!

For the truly un-colourful outside pics see my picture-a-day blog.

* Genius
idea! They have all the details on their website too but that crashed briefly yesterday under the strain of people refreshing when it looked like the schools were closing imminently, but the council's tweets kept me informed!


Trekky said...

I haven't made these in years & had forgotten how good they look. Hope you are not getting cabin fever from being kept inside.

Peeriemoot said...

We are a bit! Going to force them outside to build a snowman in a bit :-D.

scarletti said...

We must all have lived parallel lives in the '70s north and south of the border. I still remember the sort-of-like-a-postage-stamp taste of the gummed bit, but I also recall it wan't very gummy!

Thanks of the tip off for your other site, great pictures over there too!

Peeriemoot said...

Mmm, I quite liked the sort-of-like-a-postage-stamp taste :-). You're right though, they didn't stick all that well and half of the chains had to be restuck :-D.

Glad you like the pics!

silverpebble said...

Oh you know I love these - such gorgeous bright colours. I love old school decorations.

silverpebble said...

Oh, and many thanks again for joining in - it's such fun!