Tuesday, 23 August 2011

baroque scones

Miss Mouse and I made scones this afternoon. I'm not a huge fan of them so had never made them before. There was an error in the recipe. Oh dear. It called for adding milk and then mixing to a dough. I added the amount stated and it mixed to a batter. So we added some more flour. And a bit more sugar. And some more flour and a little more sugar. And, oh sod it, the rest of the packet of flour. Eventually it was something resembling a sticky dough. I warned Miss Mouse that it had gone spectacularly wrong and possibly wouldn't be edible - she was prepared for this having made fairy-cakes-that-went-wrong at her friend's house last week.

BUT they turned out wonky and un-scone-shaped but actually quite nice. Not being a sconnoisseur (sorry) I'm not sure if they taste as scones should, but who cares? I like'em! Miss Mouse won't try them of course *mutter grumble*. The Boy pronounced them 'nice' which is high praise from him. I think they call irregularly-shaped pearls 'baroque pearls' so why not baroque scones?

In other thrilling news, I've been dyeing again, this time with a bit of this and that from the garden.

More specifically, a couple of dahlia heads, some tagetes, some calendula, a bit of yarrow, a yellow flower whose name I've forgotten (coreopsis perhaps?), another anthemis tinctoria flower. It's basically a pot pourri dye - any flower that was looking slightly past its best went in. The wool simmered in it at teatime and I'll let it steep overnight and see what happens. I'm hoping for a less wet day so it can dry on the washing-line rather than hanging from the door-handle where the cats think it's a new toy. Not looking at any cat in particular of course.

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