Monday, 15 August 2011

Making Monday 3

Squares. Soothing mindless blissful knitting.

It's the last week of the school holidays and my day has been dominated by shades of blue - this..

..and washing school uniform! I've just folded all the light blue stuff and realised that my daughter, who is starting school on Wednesday (*sob*), has ten hand-me-down polo-shirts! My son's (age 7) poloshirts shrank really badly and are now five-year-old size. So add that to all her age 5 poloshirts (also once my son's, and still in good condition) and I'll only have to wash her clothes once a fortnight! Bet it won't work out quite like that.

My husband is back from California (hurray!) so I have a little bit of time to myself again. Or rather I will soon - at the moment he's still looking a bit unsure as to what time-zone he's in. But we're happily watching telly and I've got my soothing garter-stitch squares. Nice :-). Must ask him about the sewing-machine though...


scarletti said...

Ha ha! Good luck on all counts!

Peeriemoot said...

Hehe, thanks :-).