Friday, 14 October 2011

I type this while wearing a pinnie.

In fact an apron with an annoying label that keeps sticking up. Just at the front. Very distracting when I'm Baking A Birthday Cake! Sneak preview:

I think she'll like the sprinkles!

The recipient is at school so she hasn't seen it yet. It's also the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings you know - or at least the Battle of Hastings was fought on the 14th of October, I think there have been calendar changes in the meantime so I'm not sure it's an actual anniversary.

I finished her scarf, just. With a few rows to go I managed to drop a stitch ( I do this all the time when I'm tired - hopeless) and not notice until it had run down several rows, so last night was late-night salvaging, casting-off and wrapping. Phew! But she likes it and was off to school proudly wearing her new coat (present from her step-granny for want of a better description) and new scarf. I took a couple of pictures this morning but they're a bit blurry and the colours are awful being under electric light, it being a pretty murky morning here. So I shall Ta-da tomorrow!

The topic of knitting gadgets has been on my mind (see the giveaway on the a ¼ to blog) and I've come to the conclusion that my most used knitting gadget is this:

It's called a Knit Kit I think - something like that. My knitting buddy Cristina brought it back fro
m America for me last year and it's perfect for a person like me who can never keep everything in one place. My most used bits of it are the little crochet hook which attaches to the side for picking up dropped stitches, bane of my life, and the teeny tiny fold out scissors. Who can resist the cuteness of teeny-tiny folding scissors? Well, not me anyway.

Also on the subject of
a ¼ to - she opened an etsy shop very recently with some beautiful bags in it and the other day I ordered one of the really pretty little bags, meant to be a project bag really but actually also ideal for a Small Person's nightdress case:

Big thumbs up from me! It arrived very quickly, in time for Miss M's birthday - I really didn't expect that! Gorgeous isn't it?


ewenique said...

Seeing the drawstring bag being used by a young lady tickles me silly! And your blue knitting gadget thingie looks pretty handy :)

Peeriemoot said...

My daughter loves the drawstring bag, and it keeps her very tiny bedroom slightly tidier :-). The blue gadget *is* a very handy gadget as long as I remember to keep it in my project bag!