Monday, 21 January 2013

Making Monday - Project Rainbow and a Fair Isle thing

It's been such a knitty-ish week - where to begin?

Well actually today has not been much about the making, though there was a little wool-winding and a brief bit of knitting this afternoon.   No, the big event of today was visiting my friend and her beautiful baby daughter this morning! And she was lovely - yawning, sneezing, posseting and gazing around in that dark-eyed tiny baby way, with her little hands doing that beautiful stretching starfish thing that newborn babies' hands do... aww..  It really is so much easier to appreciate other people's babies isn't it? I adored my babies but let's face it I was a sleep-deprived zombie at the time!  I can appreciate them so much better in retrospect.

So anyway, my first ta-da is the thing I was casting on last week, which was a teeny tiny baby hat for her:

Baby cashmerino for softness and washableness - that red in fact is left over from a jumper I knitted for my son when he too was teeny tiny. 'Scuse me while I go misty-eyed...

Anyway the hat fits her - phew! It looked so small when I was knitting it but of course we all forget how tiny babies are when they're freshly-minted.  This was so much fun to knit! It was roughly based on the Purl Bee's Giacomo baby hat but I made the ribbing deeper and changed the Fair Isle bit completely.

And then there's Project Rainbow - Nov/Dec Orange finally finally completed:

Also a lot of fun to knit though! I went my own way with the pattern a bit, giving it a different toe just because the one in the pattern (star toe?) didn't sound as comfortable.

And now there's Project Rainbow part three on the needles. Jan/Feb is yellow and I'm making a stripey thing inspired by Flowermouse's amazing stripey things. The 'background' colour will always be the yellow (buttercup yellow Clan) assuming there's enough anyway - I have carefully weighed all the yarn!   And the stripes will be various other bright colours I have. So I started using some of the orange Bonny left over from the circle socks:

These pictures were taken yesterday. Since then I've added some red stripes using the Clan left over from my red Dalkey mitts (Project Rainbow part 1), and now I'm onto some bright green clan which has been sitting patiently in my stash waiting to be used. After that I'm not sure what I'll use, I just now it has to be bright and strong.


I'm not normally into bright colours but I fell in love with the red, yellow and green skeins of Clan at a 'Yarn Yard yarn party' a few years ago. But although the colours called out to me I didn't have the foggiest what to actually use them for. I think this is working out perfectly though, it's just the kind of thing that suits the colours and is the perfect antidote to Januaryness!

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