Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Who stole May?

In fact, who stole the first half of this year? It's all going so quickly, I can see the school holidays looming on the horizon,  and I need it to slow down! (Can you guess who's not good on rollercoasters?)

So, June. And the sun is shining! The daffodils and tulips are still out because it was a late spring, but the summery things, like calendula, are starting to appear too.  It's all looking rather pretty.


 Hot cat

 Moomin mug - birthday present from my brother :-).


Those pictures are mostly from last Thursday but it's been intermittently good weather since then (overcast some days) and today was pretty much like the pictures.

And what did I do in May apart from coughing* and not blogging much? Well one thing I did was go to my friend Chrissie's hen do. As hen dos go it was all very tasteful. Mostly anyway. We met up in the afternoon for a beading class at The Bead Company in Glasgow, spent a ridiculous amount of time cooing over choosing pretty beads, then made a necklace and a bracelet each. Here's mine:

Very simple really, but I love them and have worn them a lot especially the necklace. There was of course a disaster during the making of the bracelet, which led to me scrabbling about on the floor collecting my beads back up, but I expected that.

We all went out for a (delicious) Thai meal later and most of us were wearing the jewellery we made that afternoon. It was a lovely way to spend a day and we're hoping to go beading in a group again sometime after Chrissie's back from her honeymoon. We'll be a bead gang. Lean, mean, and distracted by pretty things.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better go and feed my kids. Or let them scavenge or something..

* I got fed up with feeling rough and went to the doctor last week and I have a shiny new techno-inhaler now. I was always rubbish at timing the pushing of the inhaler with breathing in, but this one is triggered by breathing in so I don't have to do anything at all. Well, breathe in obviously.  On that subject I was at the dentist today for my check-up (all good!) and the hygienist says that you should always have a drink of water or wash your mouth out after using an inhaler because there's quite a lot of residue from the puff that sticks in your mouth and can cause plaque build-up, so there you go - I'm spreading the word :-).


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Pretty beads :) And a spot of scavenging never did a child much harm ;)

My poor Mum has ended up with oral thrush after not properly rinsing her mouth when using an inhaler so I think you got good advice there.

Peeriemoot said...

Oh blimey, your poor mum, how horrible! I'll be doubly sure to rinse now. Not that I need to use my inhaler very often. fortunately, but for frequent users it could be a real problem. I'm sure it's all there in the instructions but I imagine most people skim through to the relevant bits and probably miss stuff like that.