Wednesday, 19 June 2013

name that sheep (warning contains a big creepy-crawly pic)

This is wool I bought at the Highland Folk Museum when we were up visiting mum and dad - I love that it's wool with provenance :-D. It was spun on site by my dad's ex-colleague Marion, so though I don't actually know the sheep's name (or, more likely, number), it's damn close!

I'll probably make mittens, fingerless or otherwise (actually, aren't all mittens technically fingerless?), with it. But not now - it's too warm and I have too many other things to finish. I've nearly, so nearly, finished my bright stripey thing. It took me ages to find the final colour, that being the very small amount left from my orange circle socks. Foolish me for wanting needing to make the stripes symmetrical, but I can't help it, it needed to be symmetrical. Really. I should probably point out that Flowermouse's various stripey things, from which I got the idea of doing a stripey thing, aren't symmetrical and I think they look great, but mine needed to be symmetrical this time. I'd like to do another now that's more random though, maybe with a self-striping yarn or just using up random bits of stash.

I've not been blogging much and part of that is that Miss M has been doing Adventure Ted* for the past few weeks and that's made me a bit diarised out. She writes pretty well once she gets going, but needs some nudging to get going! 

It's been great fun and has probably got us out doing more fun things, such as our trip to Edinburgh Zoo on Sunday. I just can't quite believe that it's three years since we did this with the Boy.

At the zoo:

  - the definitive long-leggety beastie crawling up my arm. I think the zoo bloke said this was a spiny devil/thorny devil/something like that. It's a kind of stick insect anyway.  Miss M also held it and wasn't too keen but I quite liked it. We also saw cute cuddly things too.

School finishes for the summer next Wednesday so we're into the final frenzy. Apparently the Boy is getting an attendance prize at assembly on Friday - yes, a prize just for turning up :-D. My Beloved and my brother both said 'Does that mean he doesn't need to bother going in next week?' Can you tell they work in IT?

* To summarise - school sends child home with a teddy bear, child takes teddy on 'adventures' which needn't be very exciting (one of ours was a trip to the dentist, dentist was very sporting about this), and writes about what they've been doing. Photos may be added or pictures drawn. Teddy goes back to school at the end, child may or may not be distraught.

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Mrs. Micawber said...

An interesting technical question about mittens. What is that long piece over the fingers called, anyway? :)

I don't think I would have enjoyed the ginormous creepy-crawly.

Weren't you tempted to invent some outrageously improbable adventures for Ted?