Saturday, 6 July 2013

The ceiling saga

 Last month we had a leak in the teeniest little pipe under the floor in the bathroom, right over the kitchen inconveniently enough. It turns out it was the most awkward pesky place to get to and half the kitchen ceiling had to come down to get at it. The actual leak was quickly fixed but the kitchen did not look good. Also we found out that it used to be a not particularly nice shade of green - and I love green, so that's saying something.

But a month later and the ceiling is back where it should be, the cabinets that had to be taken down are back up, I've repainted the kitchen, got a new clock as the old one was a bit rubbish and running slow, and the small cat has found a new place to perch.

All the fun and games coincided with the last few weeks of term and we had workmen in plastering and putting the ceiling back up on the first Friday and Monday of the summer holidays. It's all been just a little stressful. So I treated myself to some colourful sock wool that I have been pining over for a while. It's Trailing Clouds' Primary/Secondary (as in primary and secondary colours) and it is self-striping loveliness in a skein. 

I have other things to finish before I cast on but I'm so looking forward to having bright stripey feet in the winter!

But enough of the w-word, it has been warm and sunny here and I've been chasing bees around the garden, trying to get a photo.

Here's one headbutting a lupin. Whee! *thump*

I think this is a carder bumblebee, very ginger thorax. They move surprisingly quickly, I always think, and I have umpteen fuzzy pictures of a ginger blur and as many closeups of a bit of flower that the bee has just left. Exit bee, stage right.

The dyer's chamomile is just starting to flower now and the garden looks very happy in the sunshine.

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