Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Calm colours

I've been watching the second season of The Bridge. And the thing that struck me the other day is how extraordinarily restful it is to watch. I mean the colours. It's all so muted and peaceful. Never mind what's actually happening in the plot, it looks calm. Apparently Danes (or possibly Swedes, I'm not sure who's from where in this season) even bleed in a muted and tasteful way.

 Yes, I took a picture of my television.

I think after the general bright twinkliness of Christmas and New Year I was in need of some muted neutrals.

The other morning it was very foggy and on the way to the mundane world of the supermarket I stopped for a completely magical walk round the loch. It was all very arty and Danish. Or possibly Swedish. Generally we're more dreich and Taggarty (disclaimer: haven't actually seen Taggart in years and years).

The sun was making efforts to burn through the fog and gradually it cleared.

I almost wish I'd zoomed in on this one to get the misty island without the contrast of the sun on the rocks. Might have to crop that one and see how it looks.

Ah. Nice colours.


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Oh yes ... just last week I wondered aloud if Sweden and Denmark were really that wonderfully grey. It's brilliantly filmed, The Bridge, isn't it.

Loved this post :)

Peeriemoot said...

Whoops, thought I'd replied to this - glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, the greyness is interesting. I googled pictures of Malmo and in summer it's very colourful. Among the pictures though I found the scarey minimal house (scarey to me, I don't do white and minimal, perish the thought):