Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sock-knitting frenzy

Last week I found a sock I'd started knitting, ahem, some time ago - the toe shaping hadn't worked so I'd ripped it back to the gusset shaping and then promptly got interrupted by something else and forgot about it. Finishing the first sock took no time at all in the end - I just kept decreasing the foot until it fit, then kept on as normal.  I cast on the second one on Saturday and look, I'm shaping the toe already! This is officially my quickest ever sock - and partly that's because the wool is a 6-ply, but it's also that I know what I'm doing with vanilla socks now. Yay for cozy socks!


eliza stickleback said...

Love the colours. Savouring blue skies for the first time this week here, so your colours are good therapy.

Peeriemoot said...

They're a surprising combination - blues with grey and beige, yet the overall effect is quite cheerful - weird :-).