Saturday, 18 April 2015


Dull picture

Today Miss M requested that we do one of my (1000-piece) jigsaws. I haven't done a proper jigsaw for years, for fear of toddlers eating the pieces or some such thing, but it must be admitted that neither of the kids, or indeed the cats, are especially likely to eat jigsaw pieces now, and as Miss M has never done a proper jigsaw it was about time really. So we opened up the box and all the pieces were inside a Safeway carrier bag, which is a bit, ooh, vintage seeing as Morrisons took over most Safeway stores in 2004. That bag is from the days when the Boy was so young that he wouldn't even have attempted to eat a jigsaw piece (he was notoriously reluctant to wean onto solids). Good grief, it even predates Facebook, from the days when people could still distinguish between 'lightening' and 'lightning'. Miaow.

In case you're interested, Miss M's first reaction to the jigsaw was 'Ooh, the pieces are tiny', quickly followed by 'This will take forever' and, after some sorting and the ritual of the Finding of the Corners and the Edge Pieces, by 'I'm going out to jump on the trampoline'.  I've enjoyed it though. I'd forgotten about that calm meditative state of mind I fall into when I'm idly rummaging through the pieces looking for pieces of sky-with-a-bit-of-wall or somebody's-elbow.


Mrs. Micawber said...

For us the dilemma has always been where to keep the darn thing during the construction process. Do we give over the dining table for the duration, or try to come up with some safely portable giant cardboard tray thing that we can just shove into a corner when not in use? (The second option has been tried and unfortunately the "out of sight out of mind" principle kicked in. We ended up with a really dusty pile of pieces.)

I did notice the "lightening" and wondered exactly how they did it. Were the prices so high that you bought less? Or was the bag itself a lighter weight than formerly?

Okay, I'm shutting up now. :)

Annie Cholewa said...

It's years since I did a jigsaw. Some of ours are so vintage they probably date back to the 1980s. Maybe I should fish one out and give it a go! I do share Sue's 'where to keep it' dilemma though.