Sunday, 17 May 2015

a non-post

I'm so sick of that Safeway carrier big picture! But I don't really have the time for a proper post so here's a picture from our visit to Greenbank Garden in the rain a couple of weeks ago. Although it was really chucking it down the garden was lovely (if a bit squelchy underfoot).

The jigsaw got finished eventually, slightly hindered by the larger cat who scampered over it one day and tore a whole chunk up again.  I really enjoyed doing it but it's not that convenient having a board with a half-completed jigsaw lying on the floor for days so I'll investigate alternatives.

I'm in the home stretch with my OU course this year - just doing my EMA. I forget what it stands for, but it's a final assignment that counts for half the course, done instead of an exam. Obviously I want it to be good, and at the moment I just can't see beyond it. Another day or two and it'll be done - I have a good essay plan, half a draft and copious notes - but like an exam you can't really imagine it being of the past. See you on the other side!


Mrs. Micawber said...

Last time we were at the bloated bookstore in the big city, I saw a kind of mat thing for storing and working on puzzles. Apparently you can just roll it up betweentimes and it somehow hangs on to all the pieces. I wonder if it works....

Good luck with the essay!

Peeriemoot said...

Thanks, got a fair chunk done today, the plan is to really go for it tomorrow :-).

I've heard of roll-up puzzle mat things here but when I read the reviews quite a few said they were a just a big piece of thin felt and don't hold the pieces in place properly. I'll keep looking :-D.

Dad said...

Sorry but I haven't a clue about your mystery plant. Oh woe, I have failed my daughter!