Monday, 10 August 2015

In which Terrible Things have happened (disclaimer: not really)

Oh dear, a whole month off blogging. Well, that was unintentional, but mostly a result of it being the school holidays and me just not getting much time on my real computer as opposed to my tablet, which is not ideal for blogging from. Alas and alack, that's what I'm having to do just now because Real Computer has succumbed to something which Heroic Tech Husband, aka My Beloved, may be able to fix or maybe not.  And as my typing is rubbish on a tablet pkease ignore any weird typos, or enjoy them, as you please!

We spent last week in St. Andrews and I have a squillion photos I uploaded to Real Computer on Saturday night, but which I didn't actually get a chance to look at properly before it shuffled off this mortal coil - so frustrating, and thus is the reason that this post is illustrated with the three bits of seaglass that were in the pocket of my jeans and photographed in my garden using the camera on my tablet. The photos are safe because they're still on my camera card and will (should) have been saved to the computer's backup drive, but I can't see them on a sensible sized screen. Oh well.

The summer has been not great in terms of weather but pretty good fun otherwise I think. There was much pottering around and being lazy, and the kids and I had a few days in the Highlands with mum and dad, as well of course as the St.Andrews trip. Ah, St.Andrews, so many silly memories of that small grey town. The day we arrived coincided with the wedding of an old acquaintance to which loads of people I knew, including my brother, had been invited, so I got to spend an hour on the beach with two old friends I hadn't seen in decades (and my brother who I saw a couple of weeks ago) and caught up with another later on, and I've decided that if at all possible I'll go to the next reunion ball, sans kids, and catch up with people because Facebook's not quite the same. Unless the next reunion ball involves people handing each other postcards with 'why don't you play Candy Crush?' written on them and passing around comically cantankerous cats.

I have no idea if this post is readable, I can only see three lines of it as I type, and I'm usually a great one for re-reading as I go, so apoligies if it's gibberish. Normal service to be resumed, er, eventually.

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