Thursday, 13 August 2015

Those socks

Although I haven't done very much knitting over the summer I did finish Miss M's Elgin socks last month.  The colour scheme was her choice and it's worked pretty well I think - it's very 'her' at any rate! Twisting the yarns at each colour change meant they were coming out a little tighter than I'd anticipated so Sock 1 had to be taken back to the heel and reknitted a little more loosely, and now they're the perfect fit. The other thing I didn't take into account (and it was a total 'doh!' moment) was that in using purple for the toes, heel and cuffs I'd be using more purple - slightly more than I had as it turned out. Very fortunately Miss M suggested using the blue for the cuff of the second sock - I'd already considered that but I was very pleased that she came up with a solution herself rather than having to be talked into it! So oddish socks they are, for an oddish girl.