Friday, 11 June 2010


It all started with some rather boring yarn I had lying around (Treviso from Lidl). Cat2 helped me wind it into a skein. Well, sort of anyway.

I mordanted it with alum first. I'd intended to try dyeing with dandelions as we had bucketloads a couple of weeks ago but by the time I'd got the alum the dandelions had been superceded by buttercups. So I stewed the three dandelions remaining in the garden in with a whole lot of onion skins, then let the wool simmer in what seemed to be onion gravy...

hung it out to dry..

And there we are. I am so ridiculously pleased with my first bit of dyeing. The skein behind shows what it was like before the encounter with onions. MrBorg is, naturally, mystified by my enthusiasm for dull brown yarn.

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