Sunday, 13 June 2010

Twelve in twelve

Perhaps rashly, I decided to participate in a "twelve pairs of socks* in 12 months" knitalong thing on Ravelry (it's on the Yarn Yard group). I'm a bit slow - I reckoned without the hectic nature of the summer term, I seem to have spent half the month up at the Boy's school already. I suppose there will be less busy months so it'll even out, especially as sock-knitting is so eminently portable. Or will be when I remember to put something on the ends of my needles before my knitting gets flung in my handbag. At the moment I spend the first five minutes of knitting time picking up dropped stitches.. On the plus side, I'm getting much better at picking up dropped stitches!

I'm new to sock-knitting so I'm doing a very simple pattern this time around. When I get more confident I'm going to use a more fiddly pattern with some rather gorgeous yellow Yarn Yard yarn (good tongue-twister that). Also in the photo above is some lovely sock yarn my Beloved got me for my birthday. This is going to be fun. I wonder how many stitches I'll have dropped by the end of the year?

* or 24 odd ones!

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