Monday, 6 September 2010

The Knit Camp Experience

Knit Camp (the weekend bit formerly known as Ravelry Weekend) was the weekend before most of the schools went back here and I feel as if I've not had a chance to stop and think about it since then - hence the slow updating on my other blog and the stunning lack of action on this blog! The thoughts have been going around in my head though.

Setting aside the many criticisms that I've heard of the whole Knit Camp thing, I enjoyed it! But then I was going for the day to mooch around the marketplace not attempting to attend any classes. The only bit of personal criticism I'll level at it is regarding the 'goody bags'. Personally I wouldn't have been bothered a bit about the goody bags if they'd not been promised - but they were. From what I gather those who arrived early enough (i.e. on the Friday) did get a few bits and pieces in their bag. I had pre-bought my ticket 'too late' so got hee-haw. My friend who'd pre-bought her ticket a couple of weeks before me got a 'goody bag' containing leaflets about the university. Gee thanks.

But to the marketplace - this was, for me at least, almost overwhelming! I've never been to any big knitting kind of events - the nearest thing was a Yarn Yard tea and cake afternoon at Antje's house. So was I like a kid in a sweetie shop? You bet! Angela and I made a complete circuit then had to sit down with a cup of coffee to calm down before going back for another look and a little purchasing. So much stuff! Eventually I was able to focus on it :-).

In the picture above is something I've wanted for a long time - it's a braiding disk from (I think) the Mulberry Dyer. I've wanted a marudai for ages since first trying kumihimo with a bit of card. 'Proper' marudais are phenomenally expensive, even the perspex ones, but I got this smaller and rather lovely wooden version for under fifteen pounds. And it's prefectly adequate for my needs. If I ever get round to using it. Which I will, eventually!

The other picture is the rest of my loot - a skein of gorgeous blue yarn from Abstract Cat, very pretty stitch markers from Sulky Cat, buttons from TextileGarden, and some Alpaca/Shetland yarn from Blacker Designs (no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, I just liked it) whose website is the one I go to when I need soothing neutrals to look at. Unpictured is a Jamieson & Smith kit for a kid's Fair Isle jumper - it's one I've been wanting to do for a while, since my son was a peerie moot in fact, but now he's Too Big so his younger sister will get it. I just hope her skin can cope with Shetland wool - mine can't, there's a confession for you.

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