Friday, 24 September 2010


I watched the Mythbusters 'knock your socks off' episode last night while finishing Miss Mouse's socks, twitching the whole time as they did terrible things to handknit socks. Despite that, M's socks were completed without too much stress, and very nice they look too (I think).

Remember I'm supposed to be particpating in the 12 in 12 sock knitting challenge? Ha! June's socks are half-done, M's count as July's. The Boy wants his cast on asap.. they'll be August I suppose.

Looking back through my blog to my last mention of pink, it was in the spring when I was getting all excited about blossom. So, just to bookend the pink theme, here's a hollyhock flower from my garden.


mother of purl said...

They look fabulous- very snuggley! xx

Peeriemoot said...

She's refusing to wear them, the little minx!