Thursday, 5 May 2011

Shed Two

You know what I forgot in my shed post? The best shed of all - Percy the Park-Keeper's shed! Who wouldn't want to live there? Okay, in reality it would be freezing cold due to draughts and no insulation, and there'd be no loo or sink, but other than that perfect! I notice there is a little chimney at the back there so presumably he has a wood-burning stove at least!

Miss Mouse loves the Percy the Park-keeper books - and I approve because I love the illustrations. We got this one for £2 in a charity-shop, how lucky was that?

It's birthday month in our household - my Beloved's was yesterday, Star Wars Day, appropriately enough for a geek of his standing. The kids and I made cake:

Mmm, cake. My Beloved is not actually that bothered by cake though he'll no doubt have a slice or two, but it's the principle of the thing - and the fact that I like baking and the kids love helping. The weather has turned wet and cool here after something like a fortnight with no more than a shower which is very unusual here, and the Boy's school is shut as it's a Polling Place (Scottish Parliament elections today as well as the voting reform referendum) so the kids and I are having a lazy day in the house and the garden is enjoying a drink. The cats keep going in and out the kitchen door, convinced each time that the rain they see through the window must be in some way optional, and every time I open the door I get a whiff of green and fresh garden.


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Awww, Percy, one of my faves, I love the pictures in that book , sort of get lost in the feel of them like all the best illustrations. Miss those storytimes now. X

Peeriemoot said...

They are beautiful pictures aren't they? There's one of Percy standing in the park on a misty day and it's just so evocative of a cool day! I'm enjoying these storytimes while I can :-).

periwinkle said...

Oh we love Percy , he has the best shed ever and as for Star Wars I think Milo knows just about evertything to do with it