Friday, 13 May 2011

There I was a-digging this hole

Hole in the ground, it was big and sort of... rectangular*.

So yes, I was digging a hole today. The rain stopped so I seized the opportunity, and only moderately reluctantly. It turned out to be quite a lot of work and partway through I had to stop for a coffee and a biscuit in the sunshine.

After something like two hours effort I had managed to remove a layer of turf from a corner of what we generously call a lawn (it's really so small and scruffy) to create a new flower bed. I didn't have anything sensible to edge it with, hence the strange fencing offcuts around the edge. The netting is to keep birds from eating the seed and even more importantly to keep cats from digging it all up. I'm quite proud of how thorough I was in removing as many traces of grass and dandelions from it as possible, but oh boy my legs are aching now. I should really stretch befiore gardening!
To my delight we've got honeysuckle creeping through from next door - I love honeysuckle, I even have honeysuckle perfume. I have a honeysuckle growing on the other side of the garden but this section of fence was rebuilt last summer (hence the fencing offcuts lying around) so it's quite bare so far, but next-door's honeysuckle and, towards the other end, clematis are spreading happily.

* With apologies to Bernard Cribbins, national treasure. One of the things I like to watch on Youtube when I'm feeling low is the Dr Who episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks featuring, among others, Bernard Cribbins being brilliant.

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