Tuesday, 24 May 2011

the wind blows

It was a bit blowy yesterday - and obviously anything strong enough to blow chunks off trees is strong enough to wreck my mini-greenhouse. In fact it was in quite a sheltered spot, wedged in next to the playhouse, so it fell over scattering all my seedlings rather than shredding completely. I'm trying to be 'glass half-full' here - I had to dismantle it and fling it in the garage but at least I should be able to put it back together again. However the seedlings took a battering. I just salvaged as much as possible, and put as many as would fit in the playhouse, crossing my fingers that it'd remain standing - it was here when we moved in five years ago and has been rotting gently ever since. It's on its last legs really, and while I was trying to jam the door shut to protect the poor seedlings the door-handle came off, leaving me standing staring at it like a cartoon character!

I couldn't get them all in the playhouse so the rest got put in the garage with the wheely-bin.

Poor plants. The rest of the garden was mostly okay though. I'd put most of the pots jammed together by the windward fence so the only place they could blow was against each other and the fence.

Today the weather is very mixed - I just saw the poor postie being blasted by a heavy shower - but when the sun comes out the garden looks surprisingly cheerful.

My honeysuckle is really taking off now and the nepeta at its base is getting very bushy:

I've been watching some of the coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show and wondering how on earth they make such temporary gardens look so permanent!

This is a phenomenally dull post isn't it? I've just been reading the news - the soft fruit growers were hit really badly by the strong winds. I think I've got off lightly with battered seedlings.


scarletti said...

Oh poor you with the winds and the damage. Your surviving plant life looks wonderfully verdant and bursting with life.

Peeriemoot said...

Hello :-). It does look fairly robust so I have my fingers crossed!