Thursday, 22 March 2012

I got sunshine

We've had sunshine for two days! Woohoo! I have had coffee outside two days running! Some weeding has been done! *happy sunshine dance*

There is a little colour in the garden - well, two dandelions and a ladybird.

Doesn't this look weird?

It's the flowers of this plant (the one whose name I always forget) photographed from below.

This has been a very mild winter so far. We often get some snow in March but it's not looking likely this year. I don't think this sunshine and warmth will last though - in fact the forecast is for rain tomorrow - but it's been a lovely little interlude.

I am beyond tired so will leave it that for today, but I'll end with this picture:

I took it on the way home from walking the kids to school. I like it because it looks almost fake somehow!


andamento said...


We had sunshine here too, it was luverly!

Annie said...

Ah, spring!

Peeriemoot said...

I think you're right Anne - thanks :-). It's a bit embarrassing that I can never remember its name, we have several of them! All planted by the previous owners though. We've been in this house nearly six years now and I'm still failing to identify plants!

Annie, I'm too cautious to say 'spring' yet but definitely 'springlike' :-D.

Mrs. Micawber said...

I've never seen it but it's very pretty. (Or heard of it either, now that Anne has identified it.)

I rather like dandelions. They're so cheerful, especially after a winter of browns and greys.

Yep, spring seems to be irrevocably here.