Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thou art more lovely and more temperate

A few pictures from the last few days, which have indeed been comparable to summer's days. I haven't done any knitting for days - I've been pottering around the garden, stalking the cats (long story), and sitting in the sunshine reading mysteries! I know, I could have been knitting in the sunshine, but I've been on a reading binge instead. Reading Kate's blog (blurofwoodsmoke) on the topic of Reading Groups the other day got me thinking about my reading habits. I have quite lowbrow tastes in reading and I sometimes think that a book group might get me to read things I wouldn't ordinarily choose, something a bit more literary. But I think I would find it too restrictive, too worthy, too much like doing homework! I'm too lazy and too protective of my own free time at the moment for that!

The nights have been as beautiful as the days:

Apologies for the fuzziness of this one - longish exposure and unsteady hands. I could have done with using my good camera and a tripod but it was the Horrors' bedtime so no chance.

There has been al fresco coffee - oh, so many mugs. Bliss bliss bliss..

There has been lounging around. Also chasing of flies (by the cats, not me).

The paddling pool has been out and I've had a lot of use from my ridiculously pink mock Crocs.

Homework has been finished outdoors! In March!

It's been a wonderful interlude but the weather is supposedly to return to normal over the weekend. It's a bit of a shame for the kids because school finishes tomorrow afternoon, but at least it's meant outdoor PE and eating their packed lunches in the playground this week - rare events in our climate, and they've loved it! And truth be told I've enjoyed some peaceful time in the garden while they're at school. The new flower bed I created last year is free of weeds much earlier than I expected and my Dyer's Chamomile (anthemis tinctoria) is looking well.

I have been sticking to the shallows. Hello feet!


Mrs. Micawber said...

Read what you like! I've never cared about "literature" as such, and I do enjoy a good mystery.

So glad to hear you've been enjoying a spring heat wave on your side of the pond too - I think it crossed over from our side. We're back to more typical spring-like temps now but we had two amazing weeks of summer-like warmth and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The night skies have been beautiful lately with Jupiter and Venus so bright.

Peeriemoot said...

It's cooled a lot today, but still bright and sunny - we've been very lucky :-).

scarletti said...

And how I've been yearning for a touch of that sunshine glimpsed through the window, and now the holidays are here: pouff!! Bitterly cold here today, wind straight of the North Sea.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

What Sue said ! I like what others call highbrow literature but to me it's just 'what I like', book groups drive me nuts as they seem to be about what you should be reading rather than what you want to read.

Lovely to see those toes in the shallows, but take a peek at my blog Ginny and tell me, any chance of a rainbow in there too?

Hope the weather over the holidays isn't too wintry x

Peeriemoot said...

I've done my best Annie :-).

Scarletti, it's pretty baltic here now too *shiver*.