Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ruby the Red Fairy and Hiccup

The Boy decided not to wear the helmet but he looks pretty good anyway. He's not usually a dressing-up sort of kid so I was quite surprised at how keen he was this time.

I was very lazy about Miss Mouse's wand (having only remembered about it late last night - d'oh, what's a fairy without a wand?) and it's a clear perspex wand from a toy she has, with red ribbon tied onto it. You can't really see it in the picture because she's waving it, but it looks surprisingly good! Yay, lazy can be effective too!

I started saving bits of ribbon last year and have a coffee jar full now - it comes in quite handy sometimes. You find ribbon in all sorts of odd places, like on tops - those annoying bits to hold them onto the hangers in the shops but which which always sneak out of the shoulder and look ridiculous when you wear them. I hate chucking them out so now I save them for craft projects of my own or for the kids. I expect we'll have some in the Boy's Ancient Egyptian tomb project which come to think of it we really need to get a move on with. Somehow it didn't occur to me after I left school and university that if I had kids I'd end up spending significant amounts of time supervising or helping with homework - I thought I was done with it all! Ha! Tell you what though, I've learnt an awful lot about ancient Egypt in the last few weeks..

I'm off to do the washing up now, and then some knitting I think. My thrilling life!


Mrs. Micawber said...

It's a magic wand, and therefore invisible at times. :)

The costumes look wonderful.

Re school: I still have the occasional bad dream that I'm in school, it's exam time, and I don't know where any of my classes are or what has been taught all term. It's such a relief to wake up and know that I'm done with it!

Peeriemoot said...

Aww, thanks :-).

I have those dreams too - last Tuesday I dreamt it was Thursday and that I had two essays due on Friday (naturally enough on a topic I've never studied) - it was a huuuuge relief when I woke up! I was even relieved it was Tuesday :-D.

scarletti said...

Ah Mrs Micawber and P, its not just me then. Oh I have such school worry dreams, thinking I haven't revised for my exams, or I've lost my notes for an essay...

As for homework, you're very good,very good. I think you know my opinion... unless it's fun and can be done in a 'not-as-intended-but-just-enough-for-the-teacher-to-accept-it' way, then we take the consequences of a Not Done : )

ewenique said...

your children's costumes are so cute.

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you all for the kind things you've said about the slightly-cobbled-together costumes :-).

Scarletti, it's not really 'being good', it's that we have much more of a culture of homework in Scotland as my English uncle (a headteacher) found when he moved to Scotland and tried to get rid of homework - and the parents all complained :-D.