Friday, 6 April 2012

going out and doing things

The kids and I went to Edinburgh yesterday - we met up with my mum and dad who came down for the day, and my cousin, his wife and their kids who were on holiday in the Borders and came up for the day. It was the great convergence! The kids had never met their second cousins before but they all seemed to hit it off - that's them playing in Princes Street Gardens.

We went for a coffee and a trip to the loos at the Scottish National Gallery and I rescued someone who'd got stuck in a toilet - my good deed for the day. Miss Mouse got trapped in a loo at the swimming-pool a couple of weeks ago so opening doors from the outside with a 5p coin was fresh in my mind - useful! I really must go to Edinburgh by myself one day (or without the kids at least) and have a mooch around the gallery. I haven't been there properly for years. The last time was for the Turner exhibition they have each January and that was probably about ten years ago.

It was a beautiful bright day, but absolutely baltic. I'd planned ahead and we were wearing multiple layers. I've been Cold In Edinburgh too many times! I was there once with a friend who had a badly scarred hand from a car accident the previous year and his scars actually turned properly blue with the cold which was a bit alarming.

Princes Street Gardens was looking very pretty yesterday. Gorgeous daffs, of course! And more blossom than I've seen so far on the west coast. We had a brilliant time - it was so good to catch up with family, especially so many at once! Our family are all quite scattered, so it doesn't happen often.

Here's a couple of pictures from today. Do you like the knitted egg thingies? Not sure they should be called egg cosies when there are creme eggs inside! Mum and Dad brought them down for the kids - somebody they know had made them. Aren't they cheery? Especially next to the daffodils. Yeah, I know, I'm daffodil-obsessed..

Here's Miss Mouse with her Easter basket kit, tackling blanket stitch and doing very well actually. It always surprises me when she proves to be quite dextrous, I suppose because she's my youngest, my 'baby', but she's quite a capable little thing really.

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