Friday, 20 April 2012

In which I blog at warp speed

Gratuitous blossom picture

In an attempt to fight blogger's block, today I shall be blogging as quickly as I can. It turns out the new system for composing on Blogger makes this a bit tricky. It turns out in fact, that the engines cannae take it...

Anyway, setting that aside (but why mess with something that worked perfectly well, eh?), last Saturday we took a trip to Stirling castle (again) - we hadn't been there since they reopened the palace part so it was a bit different this time.

There's Miss Mouse being a lion in the Lion's Den. This is a weird little sloping courtyard in the middle of the palace building, where a lion was supposedly, possibly, once kept. Apparently royalty used to like to give each other lions. A Lion is for Life not just for Christmas, kids!

Miss M's favourite bit was down in the vaults where there are lots of interactive things for children to do - this was the costume room:

They had costumes in various sizes, though alas not 'grown-up'.

One of the lovely things about Stirling Castle is that it's a great castle for exploring - lots of levels, steps up and down and paths going round and coming out where you don't expect them. Note in the 'vault' picture that there is window looking down on another area!

Our favourite find was this wee chap:

Why is he there? Is he somebody's geocache? He's a man on a mission certainly - a secret one, he's nearly invisible.

I'll finish there - this post has taken 45 minutes (!) and I need to go to get the kids from school now.  If anyone knows a way in which I can work on the text at the same time as uploading a picture on Blogger, please tell me - this could get really frustrating :-(.


Mrs. Micawber said...

I haven't seen the new Blogger interface yet, so no words of wisdom for you there. Perhaps you need to adjust your matter/anti-matter mix?

The castle looks lovely, though I think they should have dress-up for adults too.

Peeriemoot said...

Lol, I'll try tweaking the dilithium crystals!