Sunday, 8 April 2012


We went to the National Museum of Rural Life today (as Andamento did the other day). It was the Easter event so there were some special things happening, including..

.. squee! Ducklings! That little finger is Miss Mouse stroking a duckling. I love ducklings - such cool laidback little characters.

Here's one of the hens up at the farm - she come running over to see what we were doing and stuck her beak in the camera.

Spring is doing its stuff now.

That's the Clydesdale in the background, grazing peacefully.

Bit of rope, just because I liked the faded colour and the way it was blowing around.


We had a great day - well, morning really. I think we were lucky with the weather, it turned pretty wet after we got home. While we were out my Beloved was off at a motorbike thing (the Yorkhill Easter Egg Run) and also acquiring a new motorbike. Not rolling my eyes at all honestly - he got rid of his 125 at the same time after all..


andamento said...

Oh, we never saw ducklings. Love the hen photo, it's fabulous.
It seems like it would be a nice place to work, did you enjoy your 8 years there?
We went to Culzean today, making good use of the NTS membership already.

Mrs. Micawber said...

The hen is hilarious! Such a busybody. What a nice day out.

I read the bit about the motorbike to Mr. M (who, being in love with British motorbike magazines, refers to his own machine that way, and refuses to use the American term "motorcycle".) He's wondering what kind the new motorbike is.

Peeriemoot said...

Anne, the ducklings were just there for the Easter Fun Day unfortunately (there were chicks and rabbits too). I loved working there - best job I've ever had :-). I keep meaning to get NTS membership too.

Sue, it never occurred to me that Americans didn't say motorbike - and we watch American Chopper! The new (second-hand) one is a Kawasaki GPZ 500 S and apparently it's lovely despite having suffered a bit from neglect, but my Beloved loves tinkering so really that's a plus for him!